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How does REACH Work?

REACH for Businesses

REACH makes influencer marketing accessible to all businesses, not just those with deep pockets. With REACH, you have the power to work with influencers in the demographic you want, in the market you want, and for the price you want. Motivated micro- and nano-influencers want to represent your brand today!


Sign up for a business account.


Set up your campaign details and posting requirements.


Invite influencers to join your campaign.


Work with influencers to create content and bring your brand to new audiences.


Pay influencers directly through the app once they’ve finished posting based on your requirements.

REACH for Influencers

You don’t need to be a social media giant to work with brands on REACH’s platform. Each day, companies large and small rely on word-of-mouth promotion and social posts to support their business, and every voice counts. Find companies that value you, not just your following, and help them grow!


Sign up for a FREE influencer account.


Set up your profile by adding your information, interests, and social profiles.


Search through a selection of influencer marketing campaigns to connect with, or wait for companies to add you to theirs.


Once accepted to a campaign, create social content, and submit your posts to earn extra income!


Allie Butler

Allie is a hunter, dog mama, podcaster, brand designer, content creator, social media influencer, and lover of all things outdoors! She was born and raised in Kentucky. The great outdoors has been a huge part of her life since day one and she harvested her first buck when she was just 9 years old. She hopes to inspire others to get outdoors and be active. She also loves to travel, cook, fish, and stay in shape.


Allie Butler



Brian Tucker



Josh Mitcham



Alex and Kasey



Country Boy Brewing

Country Boy Brewing was founded in 2012 by four native Kentuckians with a passion for great craft beer, country boy prides itself on making minimally processed beers with high quality, real ingredients. Their passion for great beers shines through their core brands, Cougar Bait, American Blonde Ale, and Shotgun Wedding Vanilla Brown Ale.  Their recent expansion to Georgetown, KY with the largest production brewery in the state will allow them to can their popular Cliff Jumper IPA and Halfway Home Pale Ale, in addition to several seasonal offerings.

Partnering with REACH-Influencers, Country Boy Brewing hopes to increase beer sales and brand awareness.


Country Boy Brewing



Plastic Surgeons of Lex.



Rooted Joy



Georgetown KY


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Our Platform is Mobile Friendly!

Login on desktop or mobile and connect with businesses or influencers today.

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