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A beginners guide to Influencer Marketing

Match your business to niche social media influencers and grow your audience. Sign up today, connect with influencers, and start reaching your target audience and marketing goals!

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  • Increase your social presence across multiple platforms
  • Find new customers in interest groups that align with your offerings
  • Catch up to influencer-savvy competitors


  • Work with more influencers for less
  • Benefit from the real relationships micro-influencers have with their audiences<
  • Use a variety of campaign features to keep influencers on-brand
  • Reach new micro markets and interest groups
  • Earn organic-feeling content to use in your own marketing campaigns

Allie Butler


Allie Butler is a hunter, dog mama, podcaster, brand designer, content creator, social media influencer, and lover of all things outdoors born and raised in Kentucky.

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