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Must-Know Influencer Marketing FTC Guidelines for Businesses

June 28th, 2022|FTC Guidelines, Influencer Marketing|

Influencer FTC Guidelines In February 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began to crack down on undisclosed influencer marketing social media posts. Its new guidelines set formal rules in place to ensure consumers are made aware of when an influencer is promoting a brand's product or service in exchange for a benefit. Whether you're an individual influencer or a

7 Influencer Payment Factors to Consider For Your Next Campaign

May 26th, 2022|Influencer Marketing, Paying Influencers|

Influencer marketing continues to dramatically grow in popularity—helping both small and large businesses reach their marketing goals. The growth of influencer marketing has proven to not only be a successful outreach and engagement strategy for businesses but a lucrative endeavor as well. In 2021 alone, the influencer marketing industry reached a staggering $13.8 billion. This year, it's projected the

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