Our Mission

REACH is an innovative platform allowing influencers and businesses to work together to achieve success. Our unique business model walks users through every step of the way, making influencer marketing simple. We welcome feedback to help us improve! Use the form below to contact us.

Our mission is to connect and maximize the potential of influencers and businesses, helping to cultivate success so you can live life to the fullest. We are committed to fostering positive attitudes and giving maximum effort every day.

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Our Inspiration

REACH was founded by the late-great, Landon Kasey. He had a vision to build the world’s first influencer marketing platform so small business owners can achieve their dreams and tell their stories by way of social influencer marketing. Landon lived more in his twenty-two years than most of us can hope to in a lifetime and creating REACH was one of his greatest passions.

With his passing, his father, Kevin Kasey continues REACH as a legacy project to build out Landon’s vision. Along with Landon’s friend, Nick Wise, and a collection of experts, our REACH team is inspired to create a product to make others successful so they can live life to the fullest – just like Landon did.

We were forever changed by the remarkable Landon. Businesses who work with REACH help make a difference, as proceeds go to the Live Like Landon Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports extraordinary individuals in the areas of entrepreneurship, art, and education by means of grants and scholarships.

REACH Success Stories

Testimonials from real businesses and influencers, like you, who found success and value in the REACH platform.

There is so much to owning a small business. Between meal prepping, calculating nutritional info for customers, and the stuff behind the scenes. Finding time to advertise for myself is harder some days than others. That’s where influencers at Reach help me. I can leave the majority of the advertising up to them and I get some time back! Truly a win- win!

Rooted Joy Meal Prep

I was always proud of Landon. We come from the same place and the have the same outlook on life. Reach is helping me bring new ideas to our local community. In turn I can help them bring exposure to other folks trying to turn their own ideas into reality. It’s just people helping people, and I’m happy to be a part of it!

Josh Mitcham

This organization really does care about connecting businesses to influencers – as simple as that sounds. They craft a community with like-minded people who are eager to network and grow. Happy to be part of REACH and getting to connect with so much influence!

Vonlang Designs


Frequently asked questions about our platform. If you have any feedback for us, use the form below. We love hearing from you!

REACH Influencers was founded in 2018 by Landon Lee Kasey. His vision was to build the first micro-influencing platform. Landon passed away in 2019, but his legacy lives on through REACH and the Live Like Landon Foundation.
A mobile & desktop Influencer marketing platform geared toward micro-Influencers. REACH connects any size business with brand ambassadors.
REACH is a global system that connects you with your target audience whether they are across the globe or in your backyard.
Our platform is easy to use, all-encompassing, and secure. REACH is a low-risk, cost-effective marketing tool for businesses and influencers.
1. Sign up for an account 2. Upload a profile picture 3. Create campaigns 4. Find influencers 5. Get noticed!
Yes, according to the FTC. You need to comply with the law when making these recommendations. One key is to make a good disclosure of your relationship to the brand. Review the latest information on disclosures: See FTC Guidelines

Have Feedback?

If you’ve experienced any issues using our platform, or if you have any questions about the platform, please let us know! Your feedback is valuable and helps us help you attain your REACH!

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