How to Build a Killer Instagram Profile

Instagram is the most important channel for social media influencer marketing. Anyone can create a profile on Instagram in a matter of minutes, but building a professional Instagram profile with a killer bio requires a greater commitment to detail. Your bio is where followers form a “first impression” and is invaluable. As an influencer with the gift of being able to craft creative content, you are already ahead of the game. Let’s review the ideal game plan by highlighting the “I”s in the Instagram playbook.

What is Your Objective: Introduce with Impact

A strong social media presence rests on a solid foundation. The goals are to attract and engage followers, establish and build your brand and that of your business partner/s, and win business with your influence. Social media users have short attention spans. You have only seconds to grab the attention of your desired audience and make a connection. Your all-important introduction should tell them who you are, what you are passionate about, and what products and/or solutions you offer within your niche market. And here’s the deal – do this in a way that reflects your incredible personality and impressive accomplishments.

What to Do: Focus on the “I”s – Information, Image, Introduction

Complete each section of your profile. Ensure that you provide the most appropriate info and correct amount of info so that a viewer will come away with the details that they need.

Add a fantastic photo for your profile image. This cannot be overstated. It should be clear and clearly represent you and who you are. For the best results, use this helpful guide to ensure that your photo is properly sized. Consider using this photo consistently across your channels.

How to Do It Step by Step: Items to Include


This is your identity and how users will recognize you. It serves as your handle and forms your Instagram URL. Like your photo, you may consider using it consistently across channels.


You can enter your real name, legal name, or your business name. Remember that your username and your name are the only items that a business looks for when it conducts searches. For this reason, you might use abbreviations of your name or your nick names to ensure users can find you. In addition, this is an ideal place to enter one or two industry-specific keywords to explain what you do. This section allows 30 characters.

Link to Your Site

Insert the URL to your business or your business partner in your bio. This is a premium position that you can offer to a business partner. Be cognizant that your business partner may want to link to their home page or a specific landing page that features their promoted products. You may change the URL as often as you like.


This is where you will really shine! In your bio, write a balanced intro that strikes the right chord. Be descriptive while injecting a shot of personality and staying within the 150 character limit. Describe yourself, your interests, your skills, and your values. Insert links to other channels and business partner websites. Keep search results in mind. The more optimized your bio is for search engines, the more traffic you can drive and the better your Instagram profile will be.

Here are some other ways to grab the attention of followers in your bio:

  • Clickable Links and Hashtags — Inserting “#” or “@” in your bio will automatically create clickable links for seamless connection to hashtags or other profiles that complement your brand. Hashtagsare very engaging. You should add business-specific hashtags to encourage followers to use them in tagged posts. This will actually make it easier to gather user-generated content that you can use for marketing. Be careful – while bio hashtags are clickable, they do not appear in results when you search for them. Only include hashtags that are directly related to business.
  • Emojis — Emojis, by definition, easily convey emotions. Usage within your bio is a popular way to make your profile eye-catching and show your personality. Again, be careful – they should be used sparingly and for emphasis, especially related to simplifying communications.
  • Line Breaks and Spacing — Line breaks and spacing enhance visual appeal. Most readers prefer information that is presented in manageable chunks. Bulleted content may work well as an alternative.
  • Instagram Stories and Highlights —These are posted permanently and prominently directly underneath your bio. They encourage followers to engage every time they visit. These are the examples that should showcase and share your unique offerings.


Definitely specify a category in your profile so that viewers can understand what you have to offer. Selecting a category will free up character space in your bio. Note that this section only appears if you have a Professional Account.

Contact Details

If you have opted to create an Instagram professional profile, a contact button will allow users to reach you by email or phone. If you add your physical address, this will allow Instagram to show your address and directions on the user’s map, making it easier for them to find you. Using this function will also free up character space in your bio. Note that this section may only appear for mobile users.

Verified Badge

The tiny blue checkmark that appears next to some names on Instagram indicates that the profile is “verified” and is associated with the correct individual. The purpose is for well-known figures/businesses to eliminate the risk of scams and fake identities. In order toget verified by Instagram, you can request verification through the menu on the app and you must submit numerous documents to prove your identity. While the process can take weeks, it is highly recommended if you qualify.

Action Buttons or Links

Instagram users can be invited to take action without moving to a third-party site. You can ask them to purchase products, services, or tickets or sign up for more information directly from your Insta profile. This is another convenient tool because users prefer to transact and interact without going to another website, especially one they are not sure they can trust. A simple “Follow Me” call to action (CTA) can go a long way!

In summary, if your ideal Instagram bio is going to successfully identify you as someone who can influence and inspire, make sure you have put the “I”s in it. Introduce yourself, inform, and include your best images and items that describe you and your interests. Once you’ve built your killer Instagram profile, use these same creative skills to create your REACH Influencers profile to start working with businesses today!

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